Whats the deal with Spotify's Campaign Kit?

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Today we’re going to talk about what Spotify’s Campaign Kit is, and if you should use it.

The first thing you need to know is that Campaign Kit is essentially a rebrand for the following tools with a few minor updates:

  • Marquee

  • Showcase

  • Discovery Mode

  • Editorial Pitching

Marquee now gives you the ability to change the color, Showcase will have four new headline options and both are being given to artists in more countries. Discovery mode now not only includes Radio & Autoplay but also ‘Mixes’ such as Your Daily Mix and others.

These are all music marketing tools that are built directly into Spotify - but are they any good? Let’s talk about it.

First, i’ll walk through the tools then i’ll give you my recommendation for how to use them…

Spotify Marquee

Spotify claims that Marquee is 10X more effective than paid social media ads. Spoiler alert, they’re wrong, in terms of cost and engagement paid social ads are much better. However Marquee is still a wonderful tool to have.

Marquee is a pop-up that opens when a user first opens the mobile app that promotes a new song. It used to only be for retargeting, meaning you couldn’t gain any new fans with it, but now they’ve recently opened it up to newer audiences too.

You get access to Marquee once you have around 5,000 streams in the past 28 days in one of the countries that supports it, and the artist must live in the handful of countries that have the tool.

Spotify Showcase

Spotify Showcase is a relatively new tool. It shows up on the home page of the Spotify mobile app and it can be used to promote new or old songs (or albums). You only need 1,000 streams in one of the target countries that support it (which is a ton of countries), but Showcase is only available to US based artists now.

Spotify Showcase example

Showcase is primarily used to find new fans, unliked Marquee which started off with retargeting only.

Just like Marquee, it’s still not as good as social media ads like Meta ads. With Meta ads people actually hear your song and see you before they click and convert so the quality of audience you get is much higher than Marquee or Showcase. However - still a wonderful tool overall.

Discovery mode

Spotify’s website says you need 25,000 monthly listeners for Discovery Mode, but they’re actually wrong. Most artists get access with between 5k-15k monthly listeners. I know multiple projects that have gotten access in this range, and even a few with less than 5k monthly listeners.

Discovery mode is ‘free’. When you opt songs in they’ll receive bonus promotion in Radio & Autoplay algorithmic recommendations. However Spotify will take 30% of the royalties from the Radio & Autoplay streams during the duration the campaign is active.

Most of the time using Discovery Mode is a no brainer - it grows your audience for free and actually causes you to make more overall than if you didn’t use it.

How to use Campaign Kit tools

Here’s my recommendation for your first time testing out these tools:

  • Run a $100 Showcase campaign in the US or other Tier 1 country

  • Run a $100 Marquee campaign in the US or other Tier 1 country

  • Opt in your music to Discovery Mode

The reason we’re doing $100 in Showcase and Marquee each, is because its the minimum budget. This is really just to test the effectiveness for you and your music at this time.

In fact even if Showcase and Marquee work great for you, i’d still only do $100 in each for each new song you have. The reason is we want to compare how this does in comparison to your Meta ads campaign.

  • If your Meta ads are much worse than your Showcase / Marquee in terms of cost per listener, you’ll run more Showcase / Marquee and take off some ad budget

  • If your Meta ads are equal or better than your Showcase / Marquee in terms of cost per listener, you likely won’t do more Showcase / Marquee

Discovery Mode works great for most artists. I would look to see at least a 50% increase in radio listeners / streams, but most artists see at least a 100% increase in listeners / streams while in Discovery Mode.

Pay attention to which songs do better and worse, and month over month you can opt songs in and out to try and get the best overall results as possible.

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